Where are waterfalls in Fortnite

Where are the waterfalls in Fortnite?

The Fortnite’s map is a beauty to behold. Wander around, looting areas, setting up ambushes for enemies, or just observe the beauty as you pass by, it’s a wholly virtual world. With time, it has become much more than just a game for its players. 

The professionals might think they know inch by inch, turn by turn, every twist and turn the Fortnite map has to offer. But it’s far from the truth. It’s a mystery, a puzzle to explore. And the best part about it is the locations closely resemble the real-life beauties of nature.

Where are the waterfalls in Fortnite

It makes the experience all the more intriguing. And one such sight to behold is the waterfalls. While it may seem an innocuous location that you can find all through the map, it’s not so easy a task if I tell you to find a lot of them in a short time.

Suddenly, you’re out of waterfalls. You tread through the streams of water and can find a few. But can you find seven of them in a single go? Well, if you can, you would have completed the Overtime Challenge that asked the players to visit seven waterfalls.

Are you struggling to find your way around? The waterfall perhaps doesn’t seem as beautiful anymore if you are having a hard time finding seven of them. Perhaps you want a shortcut as it is getting to your head. But no worries, we have simplified the challenge by mentioning the exact locations of more than seven waterfalls for you to pick and choose.

Where are the waterfalls in Fortnite Season 7

As season 7 of Fortnite comes to a close, players were afraid of running out of missions. The missions that help you boost XP and level up your fear Battle Pass Tier. You still want your favorite outfit from Tier 4 but would be helpless if you run out of missions.

Thankfully, Fortnite came up with the idea of Overtime Challenges to keep you interested. Over time Challenges were a good alternative to weekly challenges that have been completed as the end nears. One such mission was to travel at least 7 waterfalls across the map. 

Are you finding it tough to reach seven? Don’t worry we have listed 10 waterfall locations so that you can ignore your least favorite ones and travel as per convenience. 

G2 North Edge between The Block and Lazy Links on the map

Tread through the North Edge of the map and follow the river running between The Block and Lazy Links. As you come across the end of the river, you would see a large waterfall dispersing into the sea.

E4 Central Loot Lake

This is a location at which you can tick three waterfalls in a minute. You can find three waterfalls around the middle of the Loot Lake which makes it the most useful area to complete this mission. Of course, it will be as dangerous because a lot of your competitors will travel here.

J4 Middle of the Lonely Lodge

Wander inside the large lonely lodge and move to the East of the actual Lodge building. You would find a small waterfall near some steps. It’s rather secluded and lesser-known area and you won’t probably find enemies here.

E5 South Edge of Loot Lake

A very straightforward location that every Fortnite player would remember. Move directly South of the Loot Lake and to the place where the river that runs along the Tilted Towers starts and you’ll find a small waterfall here.

F10 West of Lucky Landing at the South Edge of The Map

You would find this waterfall in a rather unexplored location in the Fortnite map right on the south edge of the map. Look to the west of Lucky Landing to find the beautiful falling waters there. 

B6 South Edge of Viking Village

One of the more obvious large waterfalls you wound on the map is the one running down the South Edge of Viking Village. Move to the Snobby Shores and you would see a huge frozen waterfall and fortunately, it does count.

I10 South of Paradise Palms to the South Edge of the map

Move directly to the south of Paradise Palms on the south edge of the Fortnite map. At the end of the stream, you would find a waterfall that spurts into the sea close to a shack.

H9 Southwest of Paradise Palms to the edge of the Oasis

In the deserted climes of the oasis, you would find to the southwest of Paradise Palms, you can find another small waterfall. It’s an amusing sight to look at a waterfall in the desert but head to the east of the desert biome to find it.

Where are the Waterfalls in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Players having the Season 7 Battle Pass have to complete the required number of missions to get the free Season 8 Battle Pass. One of the popular missions in Overtime Challenges was to find the waterfall. The waterfalls are spread across many places in the Fortnite map.

Where are the Waterfalls in Fortnite Battle Royale

You may not have noticed but you regularly pass-through waterfalls in Fortnite. Be it Paradise Palms or Desert Oasis or the Viking Hills, you can find waterfalls everywhere. A waterfall is a place at the end of a river where it usually submerges into another river or the sea.

When rivers come from the top of the hills, they fall off the cliffs to submerge in the other river. You can see such beautiful sceneries all across the Fortnite Palm. Ten of such locations are listed in the previous question but you can surely find more and they’ll be counted in the mission.

One of the best places to complete the mission is to Loot Lake. You’ll find as many as three waterfalls close by at the center of the Loot Lake. You can also go to the South Edge of the Loot Lake to find another gorgeous waterfall.

It’s important to be wary of ambushes around the waterfalls though. Many players who have completed the missions also try to hide around the waterfalls. As soon as you get out of the cover and become vulnerable. Be careful and come well-armed at the waterfalls.

Waterfalls in Fortnite Season 11

As of season 11, the total number of waterfalls in Fortnite is 11. Epic Games haven’t revealed the addition of any new waterfalls to their map in the future. You would have likely seen some of the waterfalls discussed earlier.

To complete the Overtime Challenge regarding waterfalls, you can just go near the areas, at the top or bottom of the waterfall and it will be counted. Check the challenges tab to ensure every visit is being counted before proceeding to the next. 

Loot Lake has changed drastically after season 6. It’s landscape shifted quite a lot and now has a lot to offer vertically. Waterfalls thus became prominent and readily available at the Loot Lake. After that, you would just have to visit several corners of the map.

You can go to the southwest frozen area or the Paradise palms to find them too. While Fortnite’s graphics and the gameplay are quite face-paced and look beyond reality, the waterfalls do look natural. Epic Games hasn’t done much to change the texture of a waterfall.

You can find the silky water effect and the lovely sound of the waterfall. Despite the constant updates since Season 7, Fortnite hasn’t changed the locations or the appearance of waterfalls. Now if you have completed the mission, it’s your wish if you want to sit around the area and listen to the calming sounds.

Waterfalls in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite’s map changed a lot with the Chapter 2 Season 2 update. Just like every season, Season 2 also brought its share of major changes to the map. A large island named Shark was added to the northwest corner of the map.

It changed from a standard secret agent hideout to a highly secure prison facility. You can find a basketball court and a host of prison cells there. There is also a specially designed jail cell in a separate building that will hold Midas. Similarly, the Rig and the Yacht were added. 

The Yacht has a Deadpool logo on the front and you’ll find scrawlings everywhere. It is perhaps a marketing tool for Deadpool which has considerably increased with the popularity of the battle royale. Epic Games also added several waterfalls in Chapter 2.

If you saw the old Fortnite Chapter 1 map, you won’t have been able to find 7 waterfalls but you can now find 11 of them. You should first loot properly and be ready to kill enemies that come between your pursuit of the seven waterfalls.

But in case you get killed before completing 7 visits, you can complete the mission by visiting the remaining ones in the subsequent games. So don’t get stressed out that you would have to do it again and again. Once you know the locations, you can easily complete it in a game or two.



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