Is Fortnite Shutting Down

Is Fortnite Shutting Down

No, the Fortnite game will not be shut down. There is no reason for it to shut down. 

It still has massive popularity, people love playing it and it earns good amounts of money. Fortnite was not not shut down but it was down on all platforms for a certain time. It was on 15 th april from 7 am BST / 2 am EST.

This was the actual news which people interpreted wrong and thought the Fortnite game will be shut down for good. 

There were also such rumours that minecraft and roblox will also be shut down along with Fortnite. 

However, they did not notify us when they will bring the game back online so that is why people assumed that it would not open ever again.  

Why is Fortnite shutting down? 

First of all, Fortnite is not shutting down as there is no reason for that. Fortnite have ruled over the other games for a long time and are among the best for the rest of it. 

It was a rumour that the game is being taken down. However, the game was taken offline to do some maintenance work and some do some updates / fix bugs etc. 

The exact reason was not declared by the developers of the game. There was no news on what update they will bring next. 

Fortnite made more money than any other games released by Epic Games (almost $1.8 billion). This rumour that the Fortnite game will not be playable was spread through tweets. 

Is Fortnite Shutting Down

Will Fortnite end in season 11? 

Fortnite season 11 is also known as Fortnite chapter 2 season 1. Judging by its previous seasons, Fortnite should end around Christmas time. 

Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 was released on 15 th october 2019. The updates and events were not that exciting so the craze got down a little bit. 

But now they will end this season and bring a new one so players are getting hyped again to know the new updates. 

Now, the Fortnite game chapter 2 season 1 will end on 12 th december 2019. Normally Fortnite game seasons are at least 10 weeks long.   

Why is Fortnite called a black hole? 

Fortnite is called a black hole because there was an event which wiped out the whole Fortnite map. 

And now players are not able to play the game but they are getting directed to a live stream of a mysterious black hole. 

Many people have reported that it was an asteroid which demolished the Fortnite game and then reinstated it with a black hole. 

It is said that this asteroid collision was an indication of the ending of season 10. It was actually an Epic Games style to end a season with big events which are watched by its players.  

This is the reason as to why people started calling Fortnite a black hole but after that a new season that is Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 arrived. 

Does Fortnite still have a Black Hole? 

Will Fortnite end in season 11

As I have told before balck hole marked the end of the Fortnite season 10 which means the black hole will remain for the time being till a new season appears. 

After some time, epic games launched a new season which they called Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 or which many people call season 11 0n 15 th april, 2019. 

That is how the black hole ended so we can say that the black hole does not exist anymore but it will forever remain in the history of the Fortnite game. 

Season 11 also ended on 12th august, 2019 so no there have not been anymore black holes except the first one. 

What if Fortnite 2 didn’t came? 

Fortnite 2 or Fortnite chapter 2 has already been released by Epic Games on 15 th of april in 2019. It has almost been 1 year now. 

Fortnite chapter 2 has brought on a new map which has become widely popular among 250 millions of its players. 

This season also added exciting outfits, new styles and characters. But most importantly it introduced us with new and marvellous weapons which increased the fun of the game to the max.  

Epic games also brought home a new vehicle that is the motorboat in which players can go swim or they can catch fish / other items too. 

The overtime challenges also require players to go fish in different parts of the map. However, they also removed some of the previous weapons to make the battle fights simpler. 

What if Fortnite 2 didn't came

Is Fortnite Bad for Kids? 

Nothing is bad if you do it in moderation. Playing games can reduce stress, which is beneficial in this generation because people tend to be depressed more often. 

Online multiplayer games like Fortnite gives us a chance to socialize with people from all over the world. 

This is a good side but some people tend to get obsessed with gaming and play all the time neglecting their studies and other important things which is the bad side. 

So if your kid is playing in his free time then it is okay, he or she might want to play a bit more but you have to set the boundaries and it will be okay. 

Do not give your kid the freedom to play whenever they like because they will be habituated to it and if you try to stop it, it can backfire. 

Also this game is played by many adult players who use bad languages and promote violence which has a very bad influence on your kid. So wait for your kid to be a certain age and then let him play this game. 

How to confirm true or fake news about Fortnite? 

It is very simple to differentiate the fake news from the real ones, all you need to do is follow the news given by the Epic Games official website.

Do not believe anything that is spread by any non official services because they tend to spread rumours as it will give them views and popularity.   

Should Fortnite be banned?

Should Fortnite be banned

The reasons why Fortnite should be banned are —

  1. Many renowned celebrities are playing it so it is distracting them from their work. That is why Prince Harry voted against this game. 
  2. It is not easy for new players as there are lots of updates to understand to play the game. 
  3. There are so many rumours about the Fortnite game that players get confused.
  4. The damage of some guns sometimes have glitches and does not do their job properly. 

Now let’s talk about why it should not be banned —-

  1. Games like Fortnite gives us a breath of fresh air. 
  2. It creates friendships and helps us socialize with people all over the world.
  3. Cultures meet here as people worldwide play with each other.
  4. People earn by playing this game or making content about this game so it actually improves the economy. 

Is there going to be a Fortnite 2?

There has been a Fortnite 2 which is also known as Fortnite chapter 2. Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 also ended on 12 th of august in 2019. So yes, Fortnite 2 has been released on 15 th of April in 2019. 

Is there going to be a Fortnite 2


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