How to spectate in Fortnite

How to spectate in Fortnite

Remember what updates Fortnite Season 2 brought for you? If you are not the one to remember everything, you would still the spectate feature that came with the Fortnite Chapter 2 update. It was directly in response to colossal user demand.

When Fortnite is about to release an update, every player waits so intently. Epic Games always deliver what they have promised and more in each update. The fans are hardly disappointed with an array of item updates and new features in the game. Then it will be about the bug fixes and graphics improvements.

But spectate mode was one of those significant changes that benefitted every player. You could now spectate your friend’s games. It enhanced the coordination between friends, along with providing a lot of entertainment. You can pass your time while waiting in the lobby for your friends.

Many players used to run out of patience and started their games with random players. That’s why it was one of the most popular user-demands that Fortnite fans made before the release of Chapter 2. Yes, some indeed argued that Fortnite always follows Pubg’s footsteps and it was no different here. 

But Fortnite fans aren’t complaining. The feature has become a necessity and players use it regularly now. But some newbies might find it tough to figure out how to spectate. No worries, we have got you covered.

How to spectate in Fortnite Mobile?

Following the introduction of Chapter 2, you can now spectate your friend’s matches. It helps players analyse their friend’s game and suggest ways they should have used to counter the position. It also leads to a remarkable feeling when your friend watches you clutch a match.

How to spectate in Fortnite

Expectations increase as you suddenly have an audience to prove yourself in front of! The adrenaline boosts up, and you’re now in a streamer’s seat. 

It might be a tricky proposition to figure out how to spectate in Fortnite. Some users just skip the changes in the update page, which makes it difficult for them. Fortunately, we are here to help you watch your friend’s match on mobile. The method works on both iOS and Android, so it caters to all of you.

Here’s the easy-to-comprehend list of bullet points following which you spectate in Fortnite easily. Follow the steps carefully without mistake, and you can do it easily.

  • Open the Fortnite Game
  • Enter the lobby with any in-game friend. There are no conditions, any friend that hasn’t disabled their spectate feature will do
  • Click on your Fortnite friend’s name. The spectate option will pop up clicking which you’ll jump into your friend’s live game.

That’s all! Yes, it is one of the simplest features that you were struggling to find. If you’re still having trouble and can’t spectate, it might be because your friend has just started the match. Whatever be the reason, Fortnite only allows for spectating after your friend has completed 30 seconds in a game.

How to spectate in Fortnite Mobile

Moreover, you and your friend should be in the same lobby, and your friend obviously must be in the game for spectating. Due to the 30 seconds limit, you won’t be able to watch the airbus. The action doesn’t lie there, so it doesn’t make a difference anyway.

How to spectate in Fortnite PS4?

After a full year of wait, Fortnite users finally embraced the spectate feature. With the death cam also introduced subsequently, Fortnite has retained its user base. It has lived up to its billing of being in pursuit of excellence. They have been good in responding to user demand, and the stocks have risen likewise.

In the long list of features given in Chapter 2 update was the one to spectate a friend’s match while waiting in the lobby. It worked on all Fortnite compatible devices like Switch, PC, mobile, PS4, Xbox, etc. 

The players had been requesting since the release of the game since 2017 and were over the top with its arrival. Now if you play on PS4, you can use the same method given above. It works just the same in every device whatsoever.

Of course, the rendering time differs. The feature isn’t the swiftest and takes a whole minute to render in some mobile and computer devices. It’s a bit buggy and takes some time to load and render everything in even the most advanced instruments.

How to spectate in Fortnite PS4

So PS4 users shouldn’t expect it to be buttery smooth. But it will surely be better than the mediocre low budget devices. It’s a fast-paced, high adrenaline game with excellent frame rates and graphics considering the range of compatible devices.

So, you can’t expect it to perform on its optimum level on a low-end device. Yes, it doesn’t disappoint on PS4 and works like a charm. You should remember that if you are with a group of friends in the lobby and want to spectate a friend, everyone should be either playing or spectating.

No one should sit idle as that will not allow you to spectate. Just ask members of your squad to either spectate or leave the lobby. So now you know why you weren’t able to spectate while everyone else is excited over the feature.

How to spectate in Fortnite season 11?

Fortnite Season 11 took birth with a gripping backstory. A black hole generated a brand new map with boats and yachts. You could now do fishing, swimming and boat riding with cool Deadpool promotions on the ship. 

How to spectate in Fortnite season 11

Bots also arrived with Epic Games taking another cue from Pubg, and you could now spectate your friend’s match. Epic very strategically planned all these and other features in the update. That was a significant boost for Fortnite after the disappointment that Season 10 was. 

Many streamers threatened to forego the game for good after Season 10. Season 11 had to be a breakthrough one that revived the fortunes of the game. And it truly arrived in style with players now able to track their career stats, swim like a dolphin, spectate a friend’s game and more.

But soon after its arrival, many players flooded the internet with questions about the method to spectate in Fortnite. After all, spectating is much more fun and entertaining than picking the nose and killing time while waiting in the lobby.

Now you would have to wait for them to jump off the airbus before entering spectate mode. You can use the method discussed earlier. Just click on the name and select ‘Watch Match’. The only caveat is that it takes some time to render and will only be a black screen or a blurred scenery for a few seconds initially.

How to spectate your friends while waiting in a lobby(Chapter-2)?

Epic Games released some significant changes in the Season 11 update which came after the 10.40 update. You could now spectate your friend’s matches while waiting in a lobby. You just had to be in the same lobby with your friend.

How to spectate your friends while waiting in a lobby

Also, you can’t spectate people who aren’t your in-game friends. They might also be social media friends linked to your Epic Games account. As discussed earlier, you can’t speculate while in a group if even one member is sitting idle. Everyone has to choose either spectate or be playing a game.

Apart from the Epic also released bots in the matchmaking. Fortnite will now match players of a similar skill level as well as bots of that level. It helps reduce the matchmaking time significantly. The system also considers factors like control inputs and platforms in matchmaking.

A PC player will mostly be paired with a PC player, and same is the case with console players and mobile ones. Bots will be of similar skill levels and won’t be just pushovers. Fortnite will use these bots to fill in vacancies in the airbus when enough similarly skilled players aren’t available.

Bots can’t use vehicles, though, but it might be possible in future updates. You won’t find bots in Creative mode though as it retains its originality. Epic is also considering launching a “vs Bot” mode that lets players complete with only bots.

It can open the door for offline gaming. Players could use it to enhance their skills and get the hang of new areas in the map. It’s much like other shooter games like Counter-Strike and IGI that always had the option of playing against bots offline.

So, this was a step-by-step guide to spectate a player in Fortnite. Now go and get some live action of your friend’s match as you wait for him in the lobby. He won’t be able to lie about his gameplay anymore! Elevate your level and dare more as someone might just be watching you.


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