How old is Lynx Fortnite

How old is Lynx Fortnite?

If you talk about cosmetics and variety in characters in a video game, Fortnite is the current trendsetter. With an array of characters, skins and other intriguing items to collect, you are always in the pursuit even in the lobby. It’s as much the fun of leveling up and defeating enemies as it is of collecting new characters, rare and legendary items.

Of course, the coolest of them all require you to invest some bucks on a Battle Pass or spend some V-Bucks. Every character in Fortnite has a distinct style, fashion sense, and aura around them. Fortnite is probably among the top games with the most number of characters.

Be it Jaeger, Fyra, Kitbash, Snowstrike, or your favorite DJ Marshmallow, everyone comes with a distinct description, unlockable outfits, and more. Fortnite keeps on expanding this long list of characters every other week. And you get a completely new set of characters every Battle Pass season.

The rarity of Fortnite skins

But some skins are more important than others. This is because they are rare, exclusive, and limited edition. Take for example the skins that come with Battle Pass. Once the season is over, new skins replace them and they never come back. 

Fortnite has divided the rarity of items in four levels- Uncommon, Epic, Rare and Legendary. Of course, the descending order is the chance of unlocking these in a crate. Likewise, the cost of the item increases with its rarity. The green-colored uncommon outfit costs 800 V-Coins while the blue Rare items cost 1200. Epic and Legendary items cost a whopping 1500 and 2000 coins respectively.

There is a possibility that they may come back to the same event the following year. Some holiday outfits like Love Ranger and Cuddle Team Leader. But people are still waiting for characters like Lynx and Skull Trooper to come back.

Now since characters have a unique fashion sense and aura around them, people hype them more than you’d think. They are discussed on discords, memes are shared and a lot of them go as much as researching around them.

Who is Fortnite Lynx?

One such widely popular and researched character is Lynx. With a Catwoman primary outfit, Lynx has the aura that a lot of players want to have around them. She looks quick, stylish, and wicked at the same time.

How old is Lynx Fortnite

Lynx was first released in Battle Pass of Season 7 on 12th June 2018. It is a Legendary item and could be unlocked in Level 1. She is a blend of a Catwoman and omega skin. You can choose from several color options of the catsuit and unlock other dresses of Lynx.

She has a total of 4 stages and 3 colors. The 4 colors are Blue, Black, Red, and Default. Her Stage 3 and 4 suits are inspired by Omega but are much more agile and flexible. She is called up to be a Ghost Operative in Chapter 2 of Season 2. 

Lynx was first seen in Save The World where her full name was Lynx Kassandra. You will also find another style of Lynx called Vix. Apart from a variety of unlockable outfits, you can get a Scratchmark Harvester Tool in the Lynx set. 

She has a trademark Cat Flip emote and a colorful Lynx loading screen. You also get the lYnx Spray in the set. Jordan Fisher used the black colored Stage 4 outfit in the 2019 World Cup. Unfortunately, she hasn’t returned in Season 7 and is a much-vaunted item.

How old is Lynx Fortnite Battle Royale?

As Lynx grew in popularity, she started turning into a meme. Here attractive looks, outfits, and class are the major reasons for her popularity. Users went on to discuss how Lynx could be inspired by a real-life character. Many pondered what would be her age if she was a real character.

In the meme world, Lynx is currently 16-year old. If you are looking for the skin’s age, it is currently less than 2 years as she was launched in June 2018. Many fans find the skin attractive and it would be a turn off for people who fell in love with the character. 

It might embarrass you when you should aloud that you’re mad over a 16-year old’s avatar. Of course, thinking such as a real-world character isn’t funny as she’s underage. But it seems comical when your favorite streamers seemingly fall for the character and suddenly realize she’s a 16-year old!

But Fortnite hasn’t actually verified her age. So it’s not that you need to live by the meme that your favorite skin is of a 16-year-old. You might imagine her more than that age. Perhaps by the looks, she seems around 20 which is a safe age for fantasies. 

Fortnite hasn’t disclosed any character’s age. For us, Lynx looks like a young adult who is graduating in Psychology Major. Of course, she fights crime as a hobby and packs more than a punch for a petite woman.

How old is Lynx Fortnite Season 7?

The Lynx character was launched in the month of June in 2018 as part of the Battle Pass Season 7 rewards. It’s been a year and 10 months since the release of the legendary skin. She went off after the season never to return.

Nonetheless, her popularity only increased as people asked Fortnite, again and again, to bring it back. The amino app’s website has a different idea for Lynx’s real-life age. Nicknamed catgirl, Lynx is 21 years old according to the website.

She’s a bisexual and knows the English language. Her place of birth is Retail Row and she was born on 7th December 1998. She is currently an STW Ninja and works as a Galicia techno agent. 

Characteristics of Lynx

Look at her personality traits, her major strengths are her agility, swiftness, and energy. Water and overheating count among the Catwoman’s weaknesses. There’s a whole theory on her likes and dislikes too. Lynx likes art, technological advances, and vindertech. Of course, she hates to be around water.

Her hobbies include jogging which is a reason why she’s so fit. Her unnatural speed is unmatched among the Fortnite characters. She’s an introvert and likes to keep her plans to herself. She’s not very revealing and is more of the silent assassin.

How old is Lynx Fortnite skin?

All outfits of the Lynx skin weren’t released along with the character in Season 7’s Battle Pass. It came as a Tier 1 Legendary reward of Battle Pass Season 7. In the update V8.30, Fortnite added 2 new styles for Lynx.

The character’s age is not given by Fortnite and she was only available until the end of Season 7. You had to unlock each Stage of Lynx. The second stage required 30,000 XP while the 3rd required 125,000 XP. There was also the No Ponytail style on Stage 3.

Only a few users could reach stage 4 that demanded 325,000 XP and you could also get the No Ponytail version. Coming to clothing, you had to complete weekly challenges to earn different colored outfits namely red, blue, and black.

How do you get a golden Lynx?

The Midas is here in 2020 and he has brought with him the ancient Lynx skin back! As you must have known by now, Midas has turned many collectible ancient items to gold and has brought them back. And now Midas has officially opened the door for the players.

How do you get a golden Lynx

The introduction video of Midas showed that he was collecting elements from the previous seasons of Fortnite dating back to 2018. He even went back to Season 2 Chapter 2 and brought back the Black Knight Helmet of Tier 100.

While Black Knight is the oldest in its collection, you can also get Alpine, Love Ranger, A.I.M., and the much-awaited Lynx skin. What is more interesting is that Midas has brought two versions of the Lynx skin. One is the old black colored skin and the other is a golden one with a helmet. Apparently, Lynx is now a member of the Agency as we saw on the original Season 2 video.

Is Lynx furry Fortnite?

Many of the popular Fortnite skins have been inspired by animals. We have seen skins based on wolves, dinosaurs, cats, and more. Some are just costumes while others are full-fledged furry suits that perhaps make you look like a real animal. So is Lynx a furry suit?

Well, it is not really a furry suit. It is perhaps an intelligently designed technological suit that looks like a Catwoman and Black Panther crossover. It is an exciting blend of the two superstars and Stage 3 of the suit sees Lynx transitioning from a Snapback-wearing woman to a revolutionary high-tech catsuit.

The purpose behind making the skin was to give tribute to popular streamer Kitty Plays as a Christmas Gift. The streamer was visibly over the moon when she first saw it on stream.

How do you get Lynx skin?

There’s no way you can get the Lynx character now unless you unlock it with Midas. But it will still be hard to unlock it. As of the regular collectibles, it hasn’t returned to the Battle Pass again after Season 7. 

Taking out the little chances of getting a Midas treasure, it’s safe to say you can’t get the Lynx skin now. But some streamers are positive about the Lynx skin coming back in the next seasons.

How tall is Lynx Fortnite?

Yes, it’s okay to be curious about your favorite character. You want to know all the details about her. Her physical characteristics entice you. But you should know that it’s still a fictional character. Stop drooling over her and thinking all day about her. But just for fun, one can imagine her height would be around 5’9″ or so. What’s your guess?


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