How much is my fortnite account worth

How much is my Fortnite Account Worth?

Fortnite has taken its place with the top battle royale games in the chart, it is because of its extremely amazing game setups and interesting in-game rewards, visuals, characters and many other things. 

However, sometimes, players get curious about their account’s worth, some  people want to sell. Their accounts for money. 

It can be because they need money or they just do not want to play the game anymore so decided to make money out of their old accounts. 

Nowadays people want to show off, when you do not have skills it is easier to buy someone else’s account to show off to people. Pro gamers earn money from this so they do not have any objections anyway. 

If you are interested to sell your account or may be just curious to find out how much your account will be of worth if you have decided to sell it then you can go to the Fortnite Account Value Calculator site or application. 

You will have to fill up some information given in the site and then the site will give you an estimated account value. 

How to Use the Fortnite Account Value Calculator 

Fortnite Account Value Calculator is an app that lets you check the price of your account as well as the price of other people’s fortnite account. 

However, you have to put information about the account so that the application can find out the actual worth of it. 

You need to keep in mind that this application estimates the prices from the past offers on playerAuctions. 

When you open the app you will see the Estimated account value option. You can see your account value price which will be the result after you fill the other options. 

You have to fill 8 boxes which will ask you different questions. You need to fill all the information to get an accurate result. 

How do I sell my Fortnite Account? 

Many people decide to sell their accounts for good money. The worth however varies. 

Your account will be of more worth when you have rare items in it. People love to be on the unique side so a lot of people will take interest. 

There are various sites where you can go and fill up information to know how much your account is worth and then sell it. 

Authentic sites like Gameflip, Gamermarkt etc are more preferred than other non popular ones. 

However, you should go and check first before deciding to sell your account to someone. 

You can even go to the Fortnite Account Value Calculator site and check what your account is worth and then check it on the other selling websites to know if they are giving you a reasonable price. 

How much is my fortnite account worth

Is it illegal to sell fortnite accounts?

Well, if you are on the lookout to sell your account then you might want to confirm whether or not it is legal to sell your fortnite account. 

It is obviously something you would want to know before going for it because who would want to deal with the legal system just for selling their fortnite accounts. 

It is illegal to sell your Fortnite account. But it does not stop people who want money from doing it. It is like cheating on a test, you know you should not do it but you still do it and that is not legal either. 

Many people sell their accounts privately and anonymously to stay out of trouble. There are many sites you can go to but be careful of the frauds, they might take your account without even paying you and then they might resell your account with a higher price.  

How much can I sell my fortnite account for? 

Online market is a great place to open up to new opportunities and get benefits from things that you thought were irrelevant. 

It is not uncommon that many people actually buy other people’s fortnite accounts. 

Now you might wonder if that is so how much can I get by selling my account. Well the price can be in between 10 euros to 100 euros and more. 

It will depend on how good your account is on the basis of every aspect such as items, characters, upgraded items etc. 

suppose you have rare items that very few people have then your account will be of higher cost. 

If you want the exact amount then you can go to the Fortnite Account Value calculator site and know it or you can go to sites that will sell your account and there you can know the price of your Fortnite account. 

How do I sell my fortnite skins for money? 

You can sell your fortnite skins on websites like PlayerAuctions. There you will find various other options you can sell too. 

You need to register there to get started. Then there will be an option for you to make an offer which you will have to do in such a way that people will get attracted towards it. 

You can give out the information about what makes your account unique and why people should go for your account. You can also put a price for your account. 

Just make sure that you put a reasonable price if you do not know how much your account is worth then go to the fortnite account value calculator site and get the information from there by filling out some information about your account. 

After setting the price you just need to select a delivery method and that is it, your account will be put up for sale. 

Is buying fortnite accounts safe?

No, it is not safe nor is it legal to buy fortnite accounts that are being sold. If you have once gone through the terms and conditions of the fortnite games then you would know that your accounts are not really your possession to sell or give away. 

The consequences are also very severe as they will ban you for forever. So, if you are fishing in the deep make sure epic games do not catch you red handed. 

Suppose you bought an account that cost you a lot of money and epic games found out about it and banned you. Now, you lost both your account and money for your whole life.   

You can not even give your account to someone as a gift and you are not allowed to transfer its access keys to someone. All these information are there in the terms and conditions of the Fortnite game. 

What is a fortnite cracked account? 

There are some people who use some methods and steal other people’s fortnite accounts and the people who are the actual players do not even know their account is being used by others. 

It is typically stealing (very risky). When someone’s account gets stolen like this, it is called a cracked account. 

They use the ip addresses, trace the email and passwords which gives them access to your credit card that may be linked with your account. 

You can say that a cracked account is a hacked account but in hacking you know that your account has been hacked so you stop using it, but in cracked accounts you do not get a single hint that your account is being used by other people so you keep using it and this is far more dangerous.  

Can I have 2 fortnite accounts?

Yes you can have 2 fortnite accounts. It is now possible to even merge those accounts into one, thanks to Epic Games. 

You can create multiple accounts on the same device. You need to link them to one another to merge them. 

However, your items will take time to be transferred from one account to another. The time can be a few weeks at the least. 

Is buying fortnite accounts safe


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