fortnite skin changer

Fortnite Skin Changer

Fortnite skin changer is a program that helps you to achieve custom skins, emotes, pickaxes and backblings which are not yet released for the public. As this is not really legal so Epic Games may ban you for good. So you need to be aware of the risks before you step foot in this universe. 

There are multiple websites which offer you to download and install fortnite skin changers on your pc. You can go to fortnite changer or games for you . or you may search in google on your own and decide from the multiple options. 

You will be given instructions on how to download or install it on your pc. You can simply follow those instructions or you can search on youtube and follow their guidance. Video tutorials are much easier to follow.

Read further to know how you can add free skin changers in your fortnite game and how you can get the very rare items with less money. 

Fortnite skin changer free 

Fortnite skin changer free

As the fame of the fortnite has spread worldwide there have come many cheats and glitches which allow the gamers to find variety in the game. 

There are multiple skin changers in the fortnite game so there is just no one way to get the skin changer for free. You will get different sites for different skin changers. 

You can search it in the youtube and many youtubers have given links in their description which takes you directly to the site where you can install the application to get the skin changer. 

If you are still confused then you can watch the youtube video which gave the link in the description and then do it step by step as shown in the video. 

Paste bin  this is one of the links that will take you to the site where you can install a fortnite skin changer. Most of the other sites will ask for a payment but there are some sites which will let you install the fortnite skin changer for free. 

How to download skin swapper? 

Fortnite Skin Changer

To download this you will also need winrar and then you need to go to WinRar this site. 

Here you will download one link that will suit your computer. For example if your computer is 64 bit and your language is English then you will choose a link that fits your requirements. 

Now when you click on a link in the link that is given below it will direct you to Media Fire  this page. You will need to download “Lucid Swapper”. 

After downloading, open the file but do not extract it. You can simply open the “lucidswapper.exe” file from that folder. Now you click the “continue” option and then click on the free log in option. 

You will then see all the skins that are free to use, you can pay for more amazing skins too. 

How to use fortnite skin swapper? 

How to use fortnite skin swapper

First you need to download a skin swapper, you can download it according to how I discussed above or you can search on google or youtube and follow their instructions. 

After you have downloaded Lucid swapper you will need to open it, you can do the free access or you can pay for the premium account and get some of the skins that are rare. 

Now, you choose what skin or character you like and then click on it. If it is free you will need to click on the “convert” option. After that you will need to wait for everything (colour, body, log etc) to add in. Now, you are all done and you can check whether you got the character or not. 

Can you change Your Character’s Gender in Fortnite?

Fortnite has gained massive popularity over years because of its intriguing gameplay. Exciting characters and amazing prizes add to the gamer’s experience which is why many people seek variety in their game. 

If you are using the fortnite for free, that is if you are not paying then you do not get the advantage of choosing your gender. So if you are willing to spend some money you can change your character’s gender.  

You will get a few skins so you will be able to change between the skins which can somewhat contribute to the gender changing problem. But free users do not get to choose their skins and this is a deliberate decision by the developers. 

If you are willing to pay then you can simply buy the season’s battle pass or a new skin and then apply them in your outfit tab. 

How to Create Your Own Fortnite Skin Concept? 

Fortnite skin changer

You can create the concept in fortnite skins in this website but you will not be able to use your created skin in the actual game. This fortnite concept website is completely for art purposes only. 

The creator of this website has mentioned that it has not yet been developed for a mobile version and users may face some alignment issues. The creator is new so he said he will fix the issues as soon as he can. 

You can take parts of the skins which are already available in the fortnite game and then mix them together to make your own fortnite skins. 

Can I use the Skin-Changer on Mobile/Console? 

As the battle royale games took over the crown of the gaming world, fortnite was released and then it took a wide turn from there. Fortnite, PUBG, Call Of Duty, Mini Militia became widely popular among the worldwide. 

Fortnite was only available in pc and consoles, slowly a mobile version got developed. You can use Skin changer on mobile and console. 

If you want to know how, then you can watch some youtube videos which have explained the process elaborately. One youtuber BH moon has shown how you can use the moon swapper in your mobile. 

Fortnite skin changer darkshoz 

Fortnite skin changer darkshoz

In the Fortnite game you will require to make a certain payment to get a darkshoz skin but you can get it free by using some of the websites. 

However, if you use a skin changer to get a Darkshoz skin then it will not show in the game or to the other platers. 

You can see it in the lobby and the game but other players will not see it. There are multiple websites that provide you with this skin or you can follow the instructions of the youtube videos to get this skin.

Or you can pay for it in the game and that way it will be visible to all and your money will not go waste. 

Can you get banned for changing skins in fortnite?

Yes, your account will be banned if you use a skin changer in the Fortnite game because normally people need to buy the skins so that they can use it. So, you are cheating in a sense to get the skin.

But sometimes, players do not get banned because their skins are not visible to other players so people do not report it. Some people report immediately if they see any cheat which actually causes their attention to avert to you and then ban you.

How to Create Your Own Fortnite Skin Concept


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