Fortnite overtime challenges

Fortnite overtime Challenges

Fortnite has come up with these challenges called overtime challenges, by winning these you will get styles for the skins. You will be able to win battle pass skins too by completing these challenges. There are a few types of challenges such as remedy challenges, rippley challenges, 8 ball challenges and chic challenges. 

What are the Fortnite overtime challenges?


Fortnite overtime challenges are divided into a few categories. There are remedy challenges under which these challenges exist — remedy vs toxin mission objectives, visit different food trucks, easrn silver survivor medals, smg eliminations, search chests at landmarks, reach 100 of both health and shield in different matches, deal damage with a common, uncommon and rare weapon in a single match, deal damage to enemy structures, visit 3 different bus stops in a single match, be first to catch a fish / first to land from the battle bus / first to get an elimination. 

There are rippley challenges under which these challenges exist — rippley vs sludge mission objectives, earn gold scavenger medals by searching chests, llamas or supply drops, achieve AR specialists Accolades in different matches, deal any damage with a placed trap to an opponent, destroy slurp barrels, slurp trucks or slurp silos, swim 50 meter in under 5 s, visit lazy lake and slurpy swamp in the same match while riding in a motorboat, eliminations at risky reels, fort crumpet or hydro 16, search the hidden gnome and catch a fish with different types of weapons.

There are 8 ball challenges under which these challenges exist — 8 ball vs scratch mission objectives, getting elimination in a match, in different matches ring the doorbell of any house that has an enemy inside, dance at lake canoe, beach bus and rainbow rentals, swim where no swimming signs are put in different matches, damage opponent with a harpoon gun to your enemy, gain health or shield in a bush, find the hidden gnome in fancy view, wooden shake and a big house, bounce on the bouncy objects in different matches, visit mountain base camps, travel 1000 meters dancing. 

Then there are chic challenges under which these challenges exist — cameo vs chic mission objectives, catch fish with a fishing rod where no fishing signs are put up at different locations, eat an apple, a mushroom and a slurpshroom, find a rare chest or supply llama, eliminations at different locations, catch fish at lazy lake, flopper pond and lake canoe, visit a lonely recliner, an outdoor movie theatre and a radio station, get an elimination with an assault rifle, sniper rifle and a shotgun, destroy a television, telescope and telephone pole, find the gnome between race track, cabbage patch and a farm sign, dance at the top of mount kay, mount F8 and mount H7. 

How do you get overtime challenges? 

In the game Fortnite you will need to complete several challenges. After you win and complete each you will unlock styles. That is how you get overtime challenges. There are quite a lot of challenges to complete and not all of them are easy so to get your reward you will have to do some hard work. 

Fortnite overtime challenges season 9 

Fortnite season 9 challenges are — team up with friends and eliminate 25 of your enemies, use a shotgun to deal 2500 damage to your opponent, you have to visit a few places like loot lake, pressure plant and polar peek in one single match, revive your teammate in 3 different matches, deal 2500 damage with assault rifle, dance inside holographic durr burger head, team up with a friend and then take place in the top 15 in duos or squads, damage 2500 your opponent with smgs, secure a goal on an indoor soccer pitch. 

Now as you are able to understand these challenges are pretty basic and easy to do however, it builds trust and team bonds because the more you play the more your communication becomes better. 

Will there be overtime challenges in Season 8? 

Overtime challenges are made for the players to complete during the break between seasons. Season 7  and season 8 had 2 weeks of gap in between them that is why the overtime challenges in season 7 made sense but when we are talking about season 8 and season 9 there are just 6 days gap. Still developers had put up season 8 overtime challenges with less prizes and challenges. 6 days are really less to complete a lot of challenges but still it was released in season 8. 

Fortnite season 8 overtime challenges

Any overtime challenges unlock when the time comes. You can not pay money to unlock them. If the time for them to unlock is 4 days later then after 4 days it will unlock automatically. You do not need to do anything. If you can complete more than half of the overtime challenges then you would get the next season’s battle pass for free. 

How do you complete overtime challenges season 8? 

When the overtime challenges of season 8 unlocks, simply do the challenges that you think you are capable of doing quickly. After you have done all the challenges that were easy for you, you can start with the difficult ones. Now, if you get stuck you can search it on youtube, many pro players release videos on completing hard missions.

Does overtime challenges give free battle pass? 

Yes, it has been started from season 7. If you complete 13 of the overtime challenges you will get a free battle pass for the next season. But players are not happy with this decision because they think that free battle passes will have prizes that are not worthy enough to win. 

What happens if you don’t finish the battle pass? 

If you do not finish the battle pass then you will get to keep the rewards that you have unlocked but will lose the chance to win the rewards that you could not unlock in that season. For example suppose you have unlocked rewards up to tier 80 then if you do not complete the battle pass you will get to have the rewards until tier 80 but you can not win rewards that are there in tier 81 to tier 100. 

Fortnite season 10 overtime challenges 

Fortnite season 10 overtime challenges are not much because of its short time span of the break. The challenges are — there is a visitor recording on the retail row and floating island, you have to deal 2500 damages to your enemy, retrieve the visitor recording in the greasy groove and moisty palms and you have to outlast your enemies. 

Fortnite season 7 overtime challenges 

Fortnite season 7 overtime challenges were the first of its kind. It then declared if anyone could complete 13 or more of these challenges then they would get a battle pass completely free. FortniteFandom here you will get to see all the challenges of season 7 and their rewards. 

How long are the overtime challenges in Fortnite? 

Overtime challenges are released when the season ends and the challenges last till the new season begins. That is why the name of these challenges are overtime challenges. 

Fortnite overtime challenges cheat sheet

Fortnite overtime challenges cheat sheets are actually a way to tell you how you can complete all those challenges. They make it easy for those who struggle with understanding the challenges. NewsBreak this website has given the full cheat sheet of Fortnite season 11. 


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