Fortnite Golden Balloons

Fortnite Golden Balloons

One of the key reasons behind Fortnite’s astronomic rise in the video gaming world is its constant updates and tweaks in the game. They have managed to retain its user base while welcoming new users in the past year. Their ability to introduce new challenges to the users had won it the BAFTA Games Award for Evolving Game among others. Not to forget the constant evolution of weapons, skins, bug fixes, and more.

Take for example the recent Travis Scott event that was a breakaway success and created an instant hype. Then there was last year’s Golden Balloons task that sent the players into a pursuit to find and pop the golden balloons spread across the map. It came as one of the Battle Pass tasks.

You needed to pop 10 of these golden balloons to complete the challenge. So what exactly these golden balloons look like? How can you find them? What is the best way to pop them up? You’ll have answers to all your questions about Golden Balloons as we go ahead. And once you’re done reading, it would be an easy 5 Battle Points for the taking.

What are Golden Balloons in Fortnite?

Golden Balloons are a part of the Week 9 challenges in Fortnite. Contrary to their name, the Golden Balloons are actually bluish in color and can be found anywhere inside the map. To complete the challenge, you would have to pop up 10 of these balloons.

You can use the weapons of your choice or as per the requirement to pop these. Although they are balloons, it still takes some firepower to pop them up. Some balloons are easy to spot stranded in the air while others are hiding behind objects. Still, others are found in closed places and you may need to smash into the houses to find these.

The golden balloons are the easiest spot in the dusty planes of Paradise Palms. They are just sticking out in the air like some helium balloons waiting to be popped. The ones in the Snowy backdrops on other sides of the Epic map can be hard to spot. But with this guide, you’ll be able to find all those rather easily. We have listed the locations and marked them on the map to make the task a lot easier.

How many balloons are required to fly in Fortnite?

Fortnite introduced balloons into the map of the V6.21 patch in 2018. Since then it has become an integral part of the player’s strategies and has fulfilled the adventurous instinct of many Fortnite addicts. The balloons let you fly in the air and move around the map in style.

They are a rare item and can be found in llamas, loot drops, vending machines chests, and supply drops. You might need to respawn a few times before you can actually find one. But while they are simple to find, it can be hard to figure out how to use them.

Once you get lucky and find balloons on the map, you’ll notice they come in a pack of 20. You can blow six of them at a time but you’ll start flying once you hold five blown balloons. Holding less than five balloons while in the air will let the player gradually descend on the ground.

Why are there Balloons in Fortnite?

The introduction of balloons became an instant hit in Fortnite. It is a great way to stealth on enemies in a raised position. It’s also a fun activity to fly around the map on real balloons. And of course, it gives us much satisfaction to burst the balloons on which an enemy is flying.

But despite all its benefits, balloons do come with a few notable risks. For starters, you must know that balloons have a certain shelf life after which they will automatically pop. If you have ascended to the top of the map, it might be a dreadful fall if your balloon pops up at that time. You will plunge to your death in the worst-case scenario.

Why are there balloons in Fortnite

Also, the higher you fly, the faster your balloon will pop. It’s thus advisable to remain on a safe height while using the balloons to fly. You can inflate the balloons mid-air though, which means you have a lot of fuel with those 20 balloons. But you should be wary of the balloons left in the stock.

Not to mention, you might get easily spotted and shot down by enemies from the ground. Balloon heights are well in the range of the snipers, so be beware of the long bombers. Balloons are just another example of out of the box thinking of the creators which had a big part to play in the Battle Royale Game’s success.

Golden Balloons Location Fortnite

So, it seems like a hell of a task to randomly find 10 golden balloons on such a large Fortnite map? Well, it is no more. We have listed more than 15 locations where you will find the Golden Balloons. You just now have to get on your vehicle, travel each of these locations, and pop up the balloons quickly.

  • North of Wailing Woods
  • To the Southeast of Lucky Landing
  • Electric tower near the shipping yard
  • On the Motel sign
  • East of Paradise Palms
  • Close to the river northeast of Lazy Links
  • West of Happy Hamlet
  • In the Haunted Hills
  • Southeast to Retail Row
  • In the middle of Dusty Divot
  • By the Frosty Flight outside Hangars
  • Tilted Towers
  • Loot Lake
  • Salty Springs
  • Shifty Shafts
  • East of Wailing Woods
  • Tomato Temple
  • South of Paradise Palms

With this long list of balloon locations, you would surely find and pop 10 of them easily. The balloons are sticking just above the ground. These are the locations we have found but there are surely more. 

Golden Balloons Location Fortnite

But you should know that you need to be the first one to pop a balloon everywhere. This mission is not exclusive for each player and there are chances that someone has already popped up the balloon you came searching for. So you need to be quick just like you have to be at every moment while playing Fortnite.

Are there any water balloons in Fortnite? Where are they?

Fortnite introduced water balloons in its 14-day summer challenge of 2019. The task was to hit a player with a water balloon in different matches. But confusion ensued as players couldn’t find any water balloons on the map. So where are they?

Water balloons in fortnite

Unlike the golden balloons, water balloons aren’t a part of the map. Instead, you have to unlock them as a toy by completing the Day 3 Challenge of getting five Eliminations by using a Drum Gun or a vaulted item. You’ll receive the balloon as soon as you complete the task. You then have to equip it from the locker where you find other emotes.

Once you equip them, press ‘B’ on the keyboard, tap D-pad down, or tap ‘!’ On the mobile version to activate it. You have to hit three players in different matches. So, quickly hit an enemy with a balloon and leave the match to spawn to the next.

Fortnite pop 10 golden balloons

Find each balloon using the locations given above. Once you have spotted a golden ballon, you need to pop it up. You can shoot them with any gun and mostly a single would burst it up. If you’re short on ammo or have just landed around the balloon, you can use the ax to pop it up. 

Fortnite Golden Balloons

Like all guns, it would take just one hit of the ax to pop. The good thing is that you’ll find much more than 10 golden balloons on the map. Always pursue the closer ones. Also, beware of enemies as many others might have come in for the same mission. Don’t be an easy kill and check your surroundings before popping the balloon.

How to get better at Fortnite Battle Royale?

You may come across a lot of tips and tricks for becoming a pro over Youtube and other platforms. The pro Youtubers find it so easy to go on a killing spree, right? You wonder how you try to use the same process but get killed. Well, it’s important to know there’s no shortcut to gaining skills.

Fortnite pop 10 golden balloons

You need to develop them using a lot of practice. Moreover, a lot of players think you just have to kill as many people as you can. But in reality, it’s a survival-based game. So, you need to find the right time and position before attacking your enemies. Here are a few tips

  • Change your device

Are you playing Fortnite mobile or the PC version? Whichever, you’re playing you should have a good device that stands up to the requirements of the game. To make it universal, Epic games have made it possible to even run Fortnite on the low-end devices. But you can’t win the battle when your frame drops are holding you back all the time. Change the device or change the game, because it’s no use.

  • Use Claw controls

The standard controls on mobile for Fortnite have a lot of limitations. You can’t be swift in your movement and have quick reflexes until your controls allow you to. Switch to claw controls which gives you a variety of options to kill the same opponent.

  • Set the sensitivity right

Irritated because of your poor aim? If it just doesn’t spray smoothly no matter how hard you try, your sensitivity might be the problem. Stop cursing your fingers and tweak your sensitivity. Test it in the training ground and try to shoot sprays with large scopes at long distances. Keep experimenting until you find the perfect sensitivity.

  • Play for the win

Only fools rush in. Don’t go out there pursuing every enemy and running behind everyone. You need to be the last man standing. And how does it benefit you if you die in 5 minutes and get 3 kills? Perhaps don’t rush foolishly and when you play the long game, surely you’ll get many more chances to increase your kills.

  • Use good earphones

The 3D sound in Fortnite is as important as the visuals. You can know the direction of the enemy using the sound of his footsteps even in places you can’t see him. You can also stealth on unsuspecting enemies by staying still and not giving away any sound.

How do you release balloons in Fortnite

You can find a hundred more tips and still play in a mediocre way. Because players tend to forget that they’re playing to have fun and not get stressed. You’ll surely play better when you have fun, so don’t stress it out. Don’t overindulge and take regular breaks to avoid stress.

How do you release balloons in Fortnite?

It’s easy to figure out that you can inflate the balloons using the primary fire button. But many players get stuck with balloons as they can’t figure out how to release them. 

You need to bind a secondary fire button to release the balloons. Clicking on it once will release one balloon. Releasing balloons will let you descend easily into the ground. You can use these to nullify the fall damage from tall buildings.

The fastest float speed is attained by holding 6 balloons. It’s a good way to invade tall Enemy forts and attack them from behind.

Where to find X-4 Stormwing Trials?

The X-4 Stormwing was the first aerial monster in Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale. From previous experience, we know what timed trials are. They are here for our testing of the new products. But for that, you need to know the locations.

Where to find X-4 Stormwing Trials

X-4 Stormwings pop up anywhere in the Epic map but players have noticed one area where it is constantly popping up. It’s the Fortnite Expedition Outposts which are essentially red buildings you’ll find dotted across the map. You can find the Stormwing in at least one of these Outposts.

Then five of the planes are found in Frosty Lights and you can find another one at the abandoned mansion. Once you find the plane, you need to take it to the start line. Here are three timed trial locations we found:

  • Above the Motel area
  • In the sky between Paradise Palms race track and Fortnite abandoned mansion
  • Above the coasts of Frosty Flights

You would need to find the stopwatches in the sky at these starting points. They are big rings you can find rather easily. It’s something like we did in GTA, once you cross a ring another will appear and you have to cross through all of them. Beware of players trying to shoot you down as it is an actual mission in the 8-week challenge.

So, that was all about Fortnite balloons. You’ve got the locations and the know-how. Now what you have to do is use them to your advantage with your wicked tactics. 


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